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Here at The Treasury on the Plaza, couples from all cultures, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds are accepted. We stand behind our motto: “Service is an honor that we strive to deliver with excellence.” This commitment to service excellence extends to all those who wish to come through our doors.

Our team strives to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas of our business, from what we show on our website and social media, to what we say, to those with whom we choose to partner. We hope to serve as allies to same-sex couples, multi-cultural couples, and other marginalized groups. Our goal is for celebrations at The Treasury to be an entirely inclusive, joyful, and empowering experience for everyone involved.

There is always room for growth and understanding. We welcome our couples to give us feedback on how we can improve our allyship and provide a more inclusive experience for all.

We are in the business of love. There is no room for hate here. 

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