6 Tips For Using Social Media On Your Wedding Day

6 Tips For Using Social Media On Your Wedding Day

Social media has become such an undeniably ubiquitous part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat to document and share our experiences. From wedding hashtags to Snapchat filters, it’s no surprise that couples are constantly finding new, unique ways to incorporate social media during the most important day of their lives, wedding day! We’re sharing some of our favorite ways you can incorporate social media during your celebration at The Treasury on the Plaza:


1. Create and share your wedding hashtags


Use your names, wedding date, nicknames, theme, wedding location, or venue to create a memorable hashtag for you and your guests to use when sharing photos and videos during the wedding planning process and on your wedding day.


How do you pick the perfect hashtag?


Don’t overthink the process of creating the perfect wedding hashtag. The key is to pick something simple and memorable. There are many fantastic free wedding hashtag generators available to help you come up with the perfect hashtag for your big day. One of our favorites is from WeddingWire. Simply put in your wedding information, and, voilà, tons of hashtag options are created for you to choose from!

Wedding Hashtag Generator from WeddingWire


How do you make sure that guests use your wedding hashtag?


Include your wedding hashtag on your Save-The-Dates and wedding website so that guests are familiar with it prior to the wedding day. Make sure that your bridesmaids and groomsmen know about the hashtag and use it during pre-wedding events, such as your shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinner.

On your wedding day, there are a ton of creative ways to remind guests to use your wedding hashtags. Wedding programs and signage at the entrance to your wedding ceremony are a great way to share your hashtag at the very beginning of the event. You can also use this opportunity to politely tell guests how and when you would like photos shared (see number 3, below.) During the reception, you can include the hashtag on table cards, your menu, on prop signs at your photo booth, or at the bar. You can even include your wedding hashtag on your favors so guests can remember to add or view photos long after the evening ends.

Wedding Hashtags Save The Date

Save-The-Date photo via Wedding Shop

Wedding hashtag sign

Wedding hashtags sign photo via Alyssa Morgan Photography

Wedding Ceremony Hashtag Sign Wedding Hashtag Table Sign

Wedding hashtags signage photos via The Knot and Gideon Photography


Wedding Hashtag Sign

Bar signage photo via Stout Photography

Wedding Hashtag Favors

Wedding favor photo via The Knot 


2. Create a Snapchat Filter


Snapchat continues to grow as a social media platform and, accordingly, the app is starting to increasingly be incorporated at weddings. In 2016 Snapchat rolled out an option called On-Demand Geofilters, which allows people and businesses to upload custom artwork that users can overlay over their photos and videos within the app. Couples can specify that the filter appears in a specific area, such as a few miles around your wedding venue, and for a specific amount of time, such as the wedding weekend.

Wedding Snapchat Filter

Photos via Pinterest


How do you create an On-Demand Snapchat filter?


Snapchat has templates available on their website to create your own basic wedding filters. If you have access to design software, you can try your hand at making your own filter using Snapchat’s guidelines. There are also several websites that offer custom Geofilter design services, including, and

Once you are done creating your filter, you will need to upload it to Snapchat, specify your geofence (the area,) the date, and time period your Geofilter will appear. Snapchat will then need to approve your filter before it becomes active, which usually takes at least one business day.


How do you make sure guests use your Snapchat Filter?


Like your wedding hashtags, signage is key to getting your guests to use your Snapchat filter on your wedding day. The filter appears automatically when your guests are within the right geographic area, so using the filter is incredibly simple once guests get the message!


Wedding Snapchat Geofilter Sign Wedding Snapchat Filter Sign

Photos via Pinterest


3. Politely tell your guests your expectations for using social media and tech


While having an interactive, social media friendly wedding can be a lot of fun, it’s not for every couple, and may not be appropriate for every moment of your wedding. For the bride, it may sound obvious, but make sure to communicate to bridesmaids and other members of your glam squad not to post photos of you in your gown before you walk down the aisle! The wedding ceremony is a special, intimate moment, and guests should understand if you want to have an “unplugged ceremony,” requesting to keep your nuptials free of electronic devices. You can politely convey this information on signs outside of the ceremony entrance, or with a small note in the ceremony programs. For guests, if the couple does allow photos during the ceremony, it’s important to keep a low profile and stay out of the way of the wedding photographer. Couples can mention that they will provide a link to the professional wedding photos for guests to view after the wedding ceremony.


No Phone during wedding ceremony signUnplugged Wedding Sign

Photos via Brittany Barclay Photography and Wedding Chicks


4. Put all of those awesome photos to good use


Make sure to save all of those hashtagged photos after your wedding! There are private wedding apps that allow guests to directly upload photos from your wedding, such as WedPics. Once you have saved and collected all of those photos you can use sites like Artifact Uprising and Social Print Studio to create prints, photo books, calendars, and many other keepsakes to enjoy for years to come.

Instagram Photo Poster Instagram Photo Book


5. Remember to be present and enjoy the moment


Your wedding day will pass faster than you can ever imagine, so it’s important to know when to put your phone away and simply enjoy the moment. If you know this might be difficult for you, and you have a close friend who is particularly social media savvy, talk to them about being your go-to person for posting to your favorite social media channels on your wedding day. There are even services popping up where you can hire someone specifically to take care of social media and promotion on your wedding day!


6. Share your photos with The Treasury on the Plaza!


We absolutely love seeing and sharing all of our couple’s photos and videos on social media. Make sure to tag us on Instagram (@treasuryontheplaza) and Facebook (Treasury on the Plaza)!

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